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Dr. Rebecca Jackson

Dr. Rebecca Jackson

Executive Director

Executive Director of three Brain Balance centers in the southeast, Dr. Rebecca Jackson, has personally overseen over 1,000 students go through the incredible Brain Balance program.  You may recognize her from the educational videos on the homepage of this website and on the parent portal for enrolled families.  Centers across the country know her from the Brain Balance University videos she helped create and film that are utilized in the vigorous training process for Brain Balance staff nationwide. She also teaches frequently at regional and national conventions for Brain Balance.  She has served for five years on the Advisory Board and has been a leader in collecting data to be used for current and future research studies.  Dr. Jackson considers it an honor and a privilege to be so intricately involved with a program that makes such a lasting impact on the lives of kids and their families.

Dr. Jackson and her team have been recognized for numerous awards including six consecutive years of being a “top five” center nationally, Mission, Leadership, Community Outreach, Franchisee of the Year, Advisory Board, and more.

Dr. Jackson graduated from Life University as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2001. She continued her studies with extensive post-graduate education in the areas of chiropractic pediatrics, nutrition, functional neurology as well as neuro-behavioral disorders of childhood. Her learning continued with the extensive training process to become a center owner and director. 10 years of clinical work, the experience of being a mom, and the desire to help each child maximize their potential led her to open North Carolina’s first Brain Balance center in 2010.  Years later she is incredibly proud to have been a part of the growth of Brain Balance, and the transformation of the lives impacted by the incredible mission of Brain Balance.

Meghan Read

Meghan Read

Center Director

Meghan brings to the Brain Balance of Cary nearly 15 years of experience educating and coaching children and their families. Her dedication to helping children led her to Brain Balance, where she continues to support children and their families in their Bran Balance journey. Having earned degrees in Human Development, Psychology and Holistic Healing as well as advanced certifications in Holistic Life Coaching, Meghan offers a unique and extensive knowledge base. With this background Meghan authored an educational series, called “Mind Essentials”- which educates children and families on improving focus, goal setting, managing complex emotions, performance and progression. It is Meghan’s extensive training, formal education and experience that she leverages on a daily basis to provide families the fullest Brain Balance Program possible. Meghan supports her on-going studies by continuously expanding her knowledge in functional neurology and human development. Outside of the center, Meghan’s greatest joy is her husband, Tyler and their family. She enjoys spending her free time expanding her collection of books, going to Crossfit, exploring the outdoors, and visiting nearby lakes. Most of all, helping others achieve their full potential is what ultimately drives Meghan.

Rene’ Carlberg

Rene’ Carlberg

Center Consultant

Rene’ Carlberg is a licensed School Psychologist with 19 years of experience working with families and children. She has provided services for diverse populations of students in preschool through high school. Rene’ has done extensive assessments of children with neurological disorders including Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD), Aspergers/Autism, learning and processing disorders as well as emotional and behavioral disorders. She has developed numerous Individual Education Plans and has provided direct services to children through counseling, study and social skills training, and behavior management. Rene’ has done extensive consulting with teachers and parents to assist them in dealing with challenging behaviors in children. Rene’ spent eight years working mainly with children diagnosed with AD/HD and Aspergers/Autism. She has an education undergraduate degree in Family Life and Child Development from Mankato State University, a masters’ in Education and a specialist degree in School Psychology from the University of Wisconsin. In 2002 Rene’ was awarded the Lynn Mielke Educator of the year award for her work with children and families. While she no longer works directly in the center, Rene’ acts as a consultant and a resource on special issues.



Assistant Director

Kimberly is an enthusiastic & dedicated professional with 15 years of Administrative experience holding a degree in Business Administration.  Providing our families with superior customer service and outstanding support for the Brain Balance Program is her top priority.  Kimberly worked as the Administrator for a well-known afterschool tutoring program.  She has also spent several years as an Administrative Assistant and Secretary for the public-school system at both the elementary and middle school levels.  In being an educational administrator, Kimberly has worked directly with many leaders and professionals ranging from principals, directors, facilitators, social workers, counselors, teachers, and more.  Through these interactions, she was able to learn what it means to be an advocate for the children no matter what situations or concerns they are faced with on a daily basis.  Kimberly is empowered and found her passion in working with children seeing them grow, develop, and improve their potential for the better.  She knows what it takes to build bonds with families and have constant aid for children to become successful in their paths.  In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys watching movies, finding a great restaurant, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

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