Brain Balance Achievement Center of Huntington Beach Supports Children With Asperger’s Syndrome *

The Brain Balance Program of Huntington Beach

Brain Balance Program efficiently works on improving developmental delays with your child based on the areas where we find the greatest need. When your child is enrolled in our program, we will construct a comprehensive, individualized plan for your child that addresses their challenges based on the results of a personalized assessment.

Academic activities, sensory motor training, and dietary guidelines are included in each child’s individualized plan. We believe that these activities are valuable in developing an integrated, whole-child approach to helping children overcome the challenges of Asperger syndrome.

Assistance For Children With  Asperger Syndrome

Our drug-free, holistic approach is able to provide assistance for children struggling with Asperger syndrome. We know that each child is different, therefore we use a personalized assessment to design a service option specific to your child’s needs.  Contact our center to learn more about how the services offered through Brain Balance can provide relief for kids with Asperger syndrome.

*Now considered a part of ASD