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Our Partners

  • Zac Brown Band

    As vocal supporters of Dr. Robert Melillo’s book Disconnected Kids and all children with learning differences, the Grammy award winning members of Zac Brown Band are committed to practicing what they preach. Not only have the band members welcomed Brain Balance™ Achievement Centers to provide information to interested parents at their concerts, but they have also committed to building a camp for children with severe issues. With their belief in early brain-based intervention and commitment to building a fun place for children to learn, Brain Balance™ Achievement Centers are proud to call the members of Zac Brown Band our partners.

  • Children’s Autism Hope Project


    The Children’s Autism Hope Project (CAHP) is dedicated to finding causes, treatment and cures for learning disabilities like Autism, ADD and other neuro-behavioral disorders by funding important and viable research efforts. Through the donations of people like you, CAHP allocates resources to make the highest possible impact in the lives of children who are struggling with these issues. From the research of possible causes to the development of learning techniques, CAHP is changing lives and the way neuro-behavioral disorders are understood and treated. With its real world approach to assisting children and parents dealing with learning differences like Autism, CAHP is a natural and important partner for Brain Balance™ Achievement Centers.

  • Author Malva Tarasewicz


    Dr. Melillo’s endorsement of the book, Benjamin Breaking Barriers: Autism – A Journey of Hope, reads as follows: “Truly inspiring and engaging. I recommend that any parent whose child has special needs or any professional who works with these families read this book. It will give them hope and perspective on what is possible.” The story of Benjamin is particularly compelling since this young man is now a recognized public speaker whose message reaches far beyond the bounds of autism; Benjamin inspires each of us to recognize and tackle the barriers in our own lives.