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Meet Our Founders – History

Dr. Robert MelilloDr. Robert Melillo

As a clinician, professor, brain researcher and bestselling author, Dr. Robert Melillo has been helping children overcome learning and developmental challenges for over 25 years. His areas of expertise include ADHD, learning and behavioral issues, processing disorders and autism spectrum disorders.

Dr. Melillo is an expert and pioneer in the area of functional disconnection and its relationship to learning and behavioral disorders. Since the introduction of the concept, functional disconnection has become one of the leading theories related to ADHD, dyslexia, ASD and more.

In 2004, Dr. Melillo published Neurobehavioral Disorders of Childhood: An Evolutionary Perspective, a working theory textbook on developmental disabilities. In 2009, Dr. Melillo’s published his best-selling book Disconnected Kids that brings a fundamentally new understanding with his revolutionary Brain Balance Program ®. He has since published two additional best-sellers, Reconnected Kids and Autism, The scientific Truth About Preventing, Diagnosing, and Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders and What Parents Can Do Now and most recently released The Disconnected Kids Nutrition Plan.

Dr. Melillo’s leadership in the field, as well as his personal dedication to the creation and implementation of a drug-free program to help the growing numbers of children struggling with learning and developmental disorders, has made Brain Balance Achievement centers a success in the U.S. His optimistic and straight-forward approach to helping childhood disorders has given hope to countless families throughout the world. Read more about Dr. Melillo’s credentials and published work.

William-FowlerWilliam Fowler

William Fowler is Co-founder of Brain Balance Achievement Centers and was Chief Executive Officer from November 2007 to March 2014. Mr. Fowler is responsible for the design, creation and implementation of the Brain Balance franchise model.

From March 2003 through March 2008, prior to co-founding Brain Balance Achievement Centers, Mr. Fowler was Associate Director at Sandler O’Neill & Partners, a New York investment banking firm. During his time at Sander O’Neill, as well as his previous tenure at JPMorgan Chase, Mr. Fowler gained extensive experience in institutional bond trading, quantitative analysis and corporate finance

How We Started

In the early 1990’s Dr. Robert Melillo began seeing a marked increase in children with learning and behavioral issues visiting his practice. Parents were concerned and desperate to help their children. This was the beginning of a long and passionate journey for Dr. Melillo as he developed the Brain Balance Program.

Dr. Melillo’s research and extensive clinical experience led him to understand disorders like ADHD, Dyslexia, processing disorders, and autism spectrum disorders as manifestations of an underlying problem in the brain called Functional Disconnection Syndrome. This imbalance in brain development was the common thread between all these learning and behavioral issues. He knew, based on the science of neuroplasticity, that if he designed a program that could effectively stimulate the weaker hemisphere of the brain, it could, in fact, provide more balance and help to get children with these issues back on track. He developed a cutting-edge approach by integrating three key pillars of brain development: sensory motor stimulation, academic stimulation and nutrition.

In 1994, Dr. Melillo began implementing his novel approach to helping children with learning and developmental disorders in his own practice. He went on to spend the next twelve years further refining the program. His goal was to design a drug-free program that could counter the rapid rise of ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and other similar issues.

Dr. Melillo felt compelled to make this program available to as many children as possible. He wanted to offer a model that was replicable and accessible to the many families so desperately seeking hope and real help. In early 2006, Dr. Melillo decided that his Brain Balance Program was ready and able to be replicated on a large scale. He partnered with William Fowler, a veteran of Wall Street who brought a keen understanding of how to develop and grow a successful business. Together they created Brain Balance Achievement Centers. Today, Brain Balance Achievement Centers is a rapidly growing franchise company with centers across the United States.

Dr. Melillo’s passion and purpose is echoed in our Brain Balance Mission Statement:

To make the Brain Balance Program available to as many children as possible so that each child may reach their greatest physical, mental, social and academic potential.