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Brain Balance Testimonials & Reviews | Parents Voices

Tinkham Family

All I know is I tried dozens of different programs for my son. I saw very little results. After only a few weeks at Brain Balance, I see results. That’s what matters! Results matter!


I had my sons Tommy and Ben there March/April for an evaluation, and with the exercises you gave me I have seen remarkable changes. Just wanted to THANK YOU for all your help with my sons. Ben received a “Best Effort” award the last quarter of school and Tommy’s grades have improved. Thank you again for all you have done to help me. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. I talk about your center and the amazing work that you do to anyone that will listen to me.


Hi, Dr. Pete: Remember me, Lucy Picciolo, my daughter Cathy went through the program at Suwanee. Wanted to let you know she is doing terrific! She is in 8th grade, has passed the 8th grade writing test, and we just found out today that she passed Math and Reading CRCT in order to go to 9th grade! She will be playing in the Marching Band next year in high school; she plays the trumpet. She is on a regular College Prep diploma. We are so excited and proud of her, and I wanted to Thank Brain Balance and YOU for your work with Cathy when she was in the 5th grade, I know it is because of the BB program and Cathy’s hard work, that has gotten her this far! We are on top of cloud 9 right now, and just want to thank you again from the bottom of our heart to the top. You and the BB group are always in our prayers and because of all the work you guys put into her in 5th grade, she will ever be grateful!!! What an impact you made in her life.

David and Lucy

Trenton did his math homework completely by himself last Wednesday & Thursday AND got them all right! It usually takes him at least 30 minutes with complaining, but he did them in 5 minutes or less.

Amy B.

Our daughter now has the confidence to initiate conversations in a group setting. Before, she would just stay on the fringes. Also, in her soccer training, her performance levels have increased due to her increased confidence level. She recognizes the progress she is making, remarking on her new abilities to remember things.


In the past Hayden has protested when he was asked to do something he didn’t want to do. The other night he wanted to sleep in our bed so he used his bad dreams from the previous nights to negotiate a deal that would put him in our bed. No whining or crying….just negotiating and reasoning. (Higher order thinking skills!)

Sherry D.

My daughter has always been extremely shy and she recently ordered a snack for herself which was a huge boost of her confidence. She is standing taller and walking with a purpose!

Stacey Z.

Since starting Brain Balance, our daughter has started to enjoy reading books for the first time in her life. She will sit and read for hours at a time engrossed in the “good part” of the books.


Hayden has always shown affection with quick hugs. The past few days he has come to me asking to snuggle. His snuggles are lasting more than 10-15 seconds! We are only in the 2nd week of program!

Sherry D.