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Brain Balance Center of Golden

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Center Info

1211 Avery Street

Suite 101

Golden, CO 80403

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Phone: 303-278-1780


Mon, Wed & Fri: 9:00am - 7:00pm

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Welcome to Brain Balance Center of Golden

At Brain Balance Center of Golden we understand the pain and frustration of watching your child struggle with learning or behavioral issues. Here, and at our centers around the country, we have helped thousands of kids overcome their challenges. Our groundbreaking program provides lasting results because we don't simply work with a child's strengths or compensate for a weakness, we tackle the root cause of the issue.

Our unique Brain Balance Program® addresses the whole child by integrating sensory motor training and stimulation and cognitive activities with nutritional and dietary guidelines. This unique integrated approach is key to what makes Brain Balance different and so effective.

We invite you to visit our center at 1211 Avery Street, Golden, CO 80403 for a personal tour. You can observe our program in action, meet our dedicated team and learn more about the many children we have helped right here in our community.

To contact us, call 303-278-1780 or click here to have one of our staff members contact you directly.


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Brain Balance Center of Golden Blog Recent News

  • B Vitamins and Brain Health

    July 6, 2015
    Proper nutrition is essential for healthy brain development in children. B vitamins in particular play an important role in ensuring brain health in children. Deficiencies in B complex vitamins can cause delayed development or worsen symptoms related to learning differences and attention issues. Symptoms of Vitamin B Deficiency. Common symptoms of a vitamin B deficiency are nausea, abdominal pain, bad breath, and indigestion. Mental symptoms are also very common in children like loss of alertness, moodiness and forgetfulness. Frequent headaches and unsteadiness are also ... Read More
  • Beyond Patience: Management Techniques to Help Children with Learning Differences

    July 6, 2015
    Caring for children with learning differences and behavioral issues due to learning disabilities, ADHD or Asperger's Syndrome is an important function of the school, the home and the community. It takes more than just patience to help children who are dealing with conditions that can hamper their academic, social and physical capabilities. Symptoms and Training. The symptoms may vary, but most students with learning differences have issues that adversely affect thought processes and/or physical dexterity. They may ... Read More
  • Benefits of Summer Sun for Kids with ADHD and Other Challenges

    June 29, 2015
    Summer is the perfect time for your child to spend some time being active outdoors, away from the classroom! There are many benefits to summer activities, including helping kids rejuvenate for a new school year, as well as making new friends and developing non-academic, social skills. Some of the best benefits of summer, however, come from the summer sunshine! In fact, spending time in the sun has a slew of health benefits for all kinds of kids -- but particularly those ... Read More