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Brain Balance of Cary, NC Receives Praise From Parents

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Parents whose children have participated in the Brain Balance Program® continue to leave unsolicited comments around the web sharing their family’s success stories. Most recently, the Brain Balance Achievement Center of Cary, NC has received glowing reviews from satisfied parents. Click here to read the full testimonials or enjoy excerpts below:

Posted by Michelle on 12-21-2011:

We were at the end of our rope! Preschool teachers, pediatricians, therapist all told us it was a control issue that we needed to correct with our daughter. No one seemed to be able to help beyond this point. A friend (who is a counselor) introduced us to Brain Balance. She shared her experience with me and encouraged me to have our daughter assessed. When we first heard of Brain Balance we were very skeptical. How could 36 sessions in their program make that much of a difference? We were amazed… After approx. 12 sessions we saw HUGE changes in our daughter. We finished the program about 2 weeks ago and are so glad to have our daughter where she needs to be developmentally. Babysitters and friends have commented on the difference in our daughter and that it seems to be much more peaceful/stress free in our home. This upcoming fall she will be attending kindergarten and we are confident that she is equipped with the tools to succeed. We highly recommend this program to all parents who are in the same situation.

Posted by Rebecca on 10-20-2011:

We had tried OT, Play Therapy, every program available before Brain Balance. I felt like everything we did worked for a short time, then we were right back where we started. Within weeks of doing Brain Balance, I noticed huge changes in our six year old son… He is doing amazing academically and socially and doing things I have always wished my son would be able to do. The staff and everyone at Brain Balance were so wonderful to work with.

Posted by Matthew on 10-14-2011:

…Two months into the three month program, family and friends were commenting on how mature he suddenly seemed. His gym teacher, sending home “What happened to Joey? He actually participated for the first time in his school life this week.” By the end of the three months, he’s suddenly making strides in his 1 on 1 math lessons at school and with his tutor outside of school. No more Joey-meltdown calls from school. And, the most amazing single thing, his handwriting is the best in the family, after years of OT work on handwriting being fruitless, and handwriting not being a skill worked on in BB. A few more months pass and the school year ends and we get his End of Grade exam results. Joey gets 3s in Math and Reading. A 3 in math. A. 3. In. Math. For anyone from out of town, that’s grade level (4 being well exceeds). He’s never gotten more than a 1 before; jumped over 2 completely. Joey reads for enjoyment. Blew through Potter and Percy Jackson like they were comic books. His “Thank You” letter at elementary school graduation was short and sweet. The key lines being, “Thank you for not giving up on me when I told you to forget about me. I’ll never say that again.” He has a few more issues to cope with, but saw more progress in 3 months than in 5 years of other treatments.

Brain Balance Centers offer the Brain Balance Program® in 54 nationwide locations. We work with children who suffer from symptoms of ADHD, Dyslexia, Tourette’s, Asperger’s, and OCD. Contact us to learn more!

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