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Amy, a home-schooling mom of seven children, recently shared her positive experience with Disconnected Kids, a book by Dr. Robert Melillo about neuro-behavioral disorders, through the Brain Balance Centers website. With seven children, two on the Autism spectrum and others with various sensory issues, Amy needed help she could provide at home. She found it in Dr. Melillo’s book Disconnected Kids:

“Thank you so much for your Disconnected Kids book. I am a mother of 7 with 2 autistic kids… Thank you so very much for your work and for being willing to share it with so many people through your book. There is no way we could afford to send 7 children through a brain balance center, but there is always a way to make your program work in the home if you have a strong enough will. We are very grateful to you. Blessings, Amy”

Dr. Robert Melillo, creator and co-founder of the Brain Balance Program and and world-renowned Chiropractic Neurologist, wrote Disconnected Kids to offer a drug-free, at-home program that addresses the underlying cause of neuro-behavioral disorders like Autism and ADHD. The book includes exercises for motor, sensory, and academic improvement, behavior modification techniques, nutritional guidelines, and a follow-up program for lasting results. Get your copy today!

Also available is Dr. Melillo’s newest book Reconnected Kids, which details a goal-focused plan for parents to help their children reach their full potential. This ground-breaking guide for parents is helping families resolve their child’s behavioral problems without medication or conflict. This empowering method shows parents how to first identify their own role in their child’s behavior, and then how to guide the child to focus on goals, practice lifelong good habits, and stay motivated. Get Reconnected Kids now!

Brain Balance Achievement Centers are after-school learning facilities that help children with learning and behavioral disorders. Learn more about the Brain Balance Program today!

2 thoughts on “Testimonial: Mom Finds Help with "Disconnected Kids"

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  2. Joann Mauro

    My son Joshua is so happy now …We went to New York city and he loved it ,we could never go to a loud place or try new things without him having meltdowns…He went on a train ride ,went too a mets game ,this is big …Your book has made my son so connected to the world .I will and have been sharing this awesome program to friends and will be sharing it with septa in my school .I work from home and every client that has known my son since he was a least two years old new the pain and heart break that we have been through trying to get him the help he needed.
    He is now ten years old and every client has made great validation and shared with me how he is so happy and is enjoying just being a kid.
    A mom who gave birth to a whole new kid !!!!
    Mrs. Joann Mauro

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