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See how Brain Balance Achievement Center in Indianapolis is helping children succeed in this feature news broadcast from WISH Channel 8!  In the broadcast you can see some center activities first hand as well as learn more about the program.

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One thought on “Video: Brain Balance of Indianapolis on WISH Channel 8

  1. Julie Phillips

    Thank you for posting the video regarding the new center in Indy! We recently relocated from Thousand Oaks, CA to Lafayette, IN for a career change. I regretted leaving CA because of the dream and access of seeking help at the Brain Balance Center for my two kids that have visual processing issues. Thru the newsletter, I learned that they had a BB center in Indy and this video verifys that they have a great diagnostic center just like in Westlake, CA. Thank you rejuvenating my dream. I will be nice to know that I can travel to Indy to receive the same quality help.
    Julie Phillips
    A follower and fan of the Brain Balance research

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